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Mapping Buddhist Chaplains Research Survey

Join us on May 11, 2021 at 2 PM Eastern for "Buddhist Chaplaincy in the US: State of the Field." While Buddhist chaplains have been active in North America for over ten years, no one really knows how many there are, how they are educated, or where they work – until now!

This webinar will present the results of a unique survey of Buddhist chaplains. Conducted by a collaborative research team representing Harvard Divinity School, Brandeis University, University of the West, and the Institute of Buddhist Studies, among others, this survey reached over 400 Buddhist chaplains working across the fields of health care, education, prisons, the military, and many other sectors. The findings are intriguing and only serve to raise more questions about the unique contributions Buddhists are making to the profession of chaplaincy, professionalization of Buddhist chaplains, and the role of race and ethnicity in this growing profession.

Register (free) here:

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