Shou-Jen Kuo 

Acting Director

Fong Sam

Website & Media Manager

ISBH Project Team

The Institute for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism (ISHB) at University of the West is devoted to the multi-faceted study of Buddhism and its ongoing application within the human realm. Inspired by Master Hsing Yun’s vision of Humanistic Buddhism and its emphasis on education, ethics, art, and culture, the Institute serves as a home for a wide range of research projects and scholarly work that enhances our understanding of Buddhism historically and in the contemporary moment. The Institute aims to (1) encourage new directions in the academic study of Buddhism, (2) facilitate networks and conversations between scholars, religious organizations, and practitioners, and (3) develop Buddhist resources that are applicable to everyday life.

The ISHB seeks to realize its mission in the following ways:

  • Sustain and promote innovative research in the area of Buddhist Studies and its applications through graduate student research project teams led by UWest faculty members;

  • Sponsor programming, which includes themed conferences, workshops/working groups for scholars, and talks. The Institute also hosts events that engage Buddhist lay members and the wider community and supports the propagation of Humanistic Buddhism;

  • Support small grants to year-long fellowships—for faculty and graduate students, who are pursuing individual research projects related to the Institute’s mission;

  • Serve as a clearinghouse that provides English-language information and resources relevant to the academic study of Humanistic Buddhism and Fo Guang Shan. The ISHB also disseminates information to the UWest community about related events, retreats and activities that take place at Hsi Lai temple and at other Fo Guang Shan institutions.