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Buddhism and Modernity: Sources From Nineteenth-Century Japan Book Launch

Hawai'i University Press has published a compelling new book, edited by Orion Klautau and Hans Martin Krämer, titled, Buddhism and Modernity: Sources From Nineteenth-Century Japan.

The book focuses on how Japanese Buddhism faced the impact of modernity by showcasing the works of Japanese Buddhists--many available for the first time in English--during the transition period from the pre-modern era to the twentieth century.

The remote book launch event will feature presentations by the editors and several of the contributors, including Erik Schicketanz, Jeff Schroeder, James Mark Shields, Jacqueline Stone, and Ryan Ward. The event will also feature a response, in Japanese, by Professor Otani Eiichi at Bukkyo University.

The event is scheduled for:

FRIDAY, APRIL 23  4 PM (Hawai’i Standard Time)  7 PM (Pacific Daylight Time/Mountain Std. Time)  9 PM (Central Daylight Time)  10 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)

SATURDAY, APRIL 24  4 AM (Central European Summer Time)  11 AM (Japan Standard Time)

To register for the event, please visit:

For more information, please visit:

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