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Dr. Laura Thuy-Loan Nguyen Lecture: Trúc Lâm Buddhism in Vietnam

ISHB welcomes back UWest alum, Dr. Laura Thuy-Loan Nguyen, with a lecture based on her new book, Trúc Lâm Buddhism in Vietnam: Its History, Development, and Legacy (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021). Dr. Nguyen's work chronicles the history, revival, and globalization of Trúc Lâm Buddhism.

Founded in the 13th century by the king-monk Trần Nhân Tông, Trúc Lâm Thiền flourished during the Golden Age of Vietnamese Buddhist history. Yet, it gradually faded in popularity and essentially disappeared in Vietnam until the late 20th century when it was revived by Thích Thanh Từ, a Pure Land monk. Today Trúc Lâm boasts hundreds of monasteries and thousands of monks and nuns in Vietnam and beyond. By examining existing literature and performing extensive onsite fieldwork, Dr. Nguyen's research analyzes the history, revitalization, and modern reforms of this popular Vietnamese Buddhist sect.

Dr. Nguyen received her PhD in Religious Studies from the University of the West in 2019. Her research interests are in Buddhism in Vietnam, Vietnamese Buddhism in America, and Buddhist modernism. Her contributions to research on Maritime Buddhism in the “Oc Eo” port in Funan earned her the prestigious President's Award.

ISHB is proud to present her lecture on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 5:00pm Pacific Time. The event is open to everyone.

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Meeting ID: 940 1280 4149

Passcode: 041300

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