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The 8th International Symposium on Humanistic Buddhism

The 8th International Symposium on Humanistic Buddhism at Nan Tien Institute in Australia will be held live on Zoom from November 6 to 8. The event will feature a series of panels that explore Humanistic Buddhist responses to modern crises.

The Symposium will be attended by an impressive roster of respected experts from diverse points of view and fields. The conversational format is designed to let "dharma, scientific research, scholarship and geopolitics come together in one dialogue."

Of note is the participation of several UWest faculty in the Symposium. Emeritus Professor, Dr. Lewis Lancaster, will be a keynote speaker along with Australia's top social researcher Hugh Mackay. Their discussion, titled "Never Waste a Crisis: a human response to disruption," will focus on what can be learned from the current pandemic and how we can shape a positive and more humanistic future.

Director of ISHB, Dr. Jens Reinke, will also be part of a panel, whose topic is "Revaluing Buddhist Adaptations in the Modern World."

Other notable panelists include Venerable Miao Guang, Deputy Chancellor of Fo Guang Shan Institute of Humanistic Buddhism, and Venerable Dr. Juewei, Director of Nan Tien Institute Humanistic Buddhism Centre.

Registration for the Symposium is free and open to everyone. For more information and to register, please visit

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