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Registration Now Open for Dr. Lewis Lancaster's "Concentration: Strength of Keeping Focus" Lecture

Number six in Dr. Lewis Lancaster's excellent "Buddhism as a Lived Experience" Lecture Series is titled, "Concentration: Strength of Keeping Focus." If the previous five lectures are any indication, the upcoming lecture will be a reflective blend of personal experience and life-long study and contemplation.

Buddhism--with all of its commentaries and exegesis on the nature of reality and ethics--remains a religion and philosophy of action. Central is the action of contemplation, which is always a personal and individual activity. How does one take this consideration into the modern world and in interacting with a hyper-busy society, while maintaining a highly demanding livelihood?

From Dr. Lancaster's own description for this lecture:

"Sitting in meditation can be a very personal experience. Focusing the mind for periods of time is said to be a necessary step toward wisdom. One of the great challenges is how to transform these mental moments into actions in daily life. How does Buddhism describe the process by which this can be accomplished?"

This live lecture event will take place on Zoom on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 7:00pm PDT. To receive the Zoom link, please register here.

To watch the videos of the previous lectures in the series, please visit ISHB's YouTube channel.

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